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And suddenly you are in the Hardware Business…

A few months ago i started tinkering with the Raspberry Pi, it’s such an amazing and beautiful platform to start exploring your ideas. As i am also running a business which is a cloud-based targeting-platform it did not take long, … Continue reading

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Drone with Raspberry and Arduino/Multiwii (part 1)

Since a couple of months we at are trying to build two drones from scratch. Besides pure interest and excitement about the technology (i tend to call drones ‘algorithm-machines’ and is all about applying algorithms and machine learning … Continue reading

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My first Rube Goldberg Machine at Things.con in Berlin

I joined this awesome workshop at things.con in Berlin recently (i was part of the toaster-group). Look what we achieved: We used the electric imp platform to connect the stuff – although a little bit buggy at the workshop (but … Continue reading

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The Internet of Things is based on European Technology

As i digged a little bit into the Internet of Things and it’s technology for the first time there was really one big surprise. It’s a lot based on european technology – both the Arduino-Platform and the Raspberry are coming from … Continue reading

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Spark Core switching a Mosfet

Once again the Mosfet – in the video below you can see a spark core (a very cool kickstarter project which is basically an arduino with built in Wifi connectivity) switching a Mosfet-Transistor that makes the attached LED blink. Of … Continue reading

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Using a Mosfet instead of a Relay to switch higher current

My father used to work as an electrician for more than 40 years – perhaps he would cry if he could read what i am writing here. Anyway – in many of my projects i have to switch current that … Continue reading

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Raspberry with LCD Display

Because of my 3D-Printer issues that have been describe earlier it took me several weeks to finally get this Raspberry Case going. But here it is – it’s a standard Raspberry Case with a Topping that can hold a LCD … Continue reading

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Why i gave up on the RepRap and bought an Ultimaker 2 instead

Today my Ultimaker 2 arrived. One part of me was really excited – another one simply tired and wasted, simply desperately hoping for a relief. What had happened? As i started to put my nose into the field of 3D-Printing … Continue reading

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