Spark Core switching a Mosfet

Once again the Mosfet – in the video below you can see a spark core (a very cool kickstarter project which is basically an arduino with built in Wifi connectivity) switching a Mosfet-Transistor that makes the attached LED blink. Of course the idea is to switch other stuff than an LED because the LED could also be switched directly by the Spark. What i find interesting about that combination is that you could easily make any kind of electronic toy or device web-enabled with that combination. So for example my MathSweeter project could be built in a way that the sweet-dispenser is controlled by twitter for example. The spark and the mosfet are so small and power-consumption is low that you could just put them in the case of the sweeter with no additional case or power supply needed. And the spark adds a cloud based Rest-Api to your project without any further configuration. Isn’t that cool?

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