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Why i chose Raspberry instead of Arduino Yun and Spark-Core in the end

Yesterday i published my latest project „Opacity“ on this blog. It’s a more art-related project because it is a submission to the transmediale conference/exhibition in Berlin in January 2015. What i wanted to achieve in this project technically is a … Continue reading

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Today is the last day for transmediale submissions. The call for entries asked for contributions about “Capture All“. Here is my submission: Opacity. Opacity is a beauty desk that comes with a few nice features. After the IR-Sensor recognized you … Continue reading

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Adafruit, you are killing me…

This morning the door bell rang (yes ok, i overslept a little bit) and i immediately knew – it’s the UPS guy! Because i was waiting for this parcel from adafruit so desperately and the email said they are planning … Continue reading

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