Adafruit, you are killing me…

This morning the door bell rang (yes ok, i overslept a little bit) and i immediately knew – it’s the UPS guy! Because i was waiting for this parcel from adafruit so desperately and the email said they are planning for a Friday delivery – yeah. The Problem was – i was alone and in my pants only (it’s very hot at the moment in germany). So i rushed downstairs, dressing myself up with anything i could grab while running, opened the door and there he was, holding my parcel in his hands. Story over you might think – but it just started from there. Because he said: “it’s 110 euro fifty please”. Bumm! The blood went out of my face and i rushed back into the house to search for any kind of money – not enough. Then he said “ok, i’ll try it again on Monday”. MONDAY???? Noooooo!!!!! I really planned in the weekend to make progress with my project, with a Monday delivery i would almost for sure be fucked up because of the tight submission deadline. BTW funny that UPS only accepts cash as a payment…

So he left and i closed the door. Then i opened it again, jumped on my bike and drove as fast as i could to the next cash mashine – always trying to have an eye on the brown UPS truck that unfortunately had only a few deliveries in my neighbourhood and therefore was moving quickly…

As i stood in front of the cash-mashine (which i find too slow even under normal conditions) i saw the truck passing by behind me towards some bigger roads. Grabbed the money, jumped on my bike again and followed him (btw. with no shoes on my feet). Crossed a couple of red lights but was close to giving up because he seemed to enter a bigger road ahead and was getting faster. Thought about the “never-turn-left” policy of UPS and whether it could be in my favor at the moment. And then – YES, he turned right into a small street, after crossing the big one! Crossed the big one as well at the risk of my life, entered the small one, couldn’t find him. Turn, turn – there he was, that beautiful brown shining truck – parked at the corner in front of a house! I was so happy. Waited for the guy to come back – as he saw me there was some surprise in his eyes but he immediately knew what i was heading for…


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1 Response to Adafruit, you are killing me…

  1. Max Headroom says:

    Haha… never underestimate a desperate @holadiho
    That one day might get it’s own XKCD like this:


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