A conductive book challenge

I have been challenged by my friend Benedikt Köhler (@furukama) with a love-books-challenge whatsoever. I am not such a big fan of these kind of things, but i guess it’s all about inspiration, right? And there i got something to share which i am turning into a response to that challenge now, just not exactly in line with the rules.

I am currently reading a book that is so amazing and inspiring, that i wanted to share it anyway. And now i decided to share it even more, physically…


The books title is “The Art of Tinkering” and it is a absolutely beautiful collection of makers and their products, installations, art – including their favorite tools, material and inspirational moments. And it is – conductive, i mean really. The cover has some conductive ink on it which can make you play around with electricity right away. What a cool idea.

I am now sending this book to a few people that to me are great makers on the intersection of electronics and crafting. The idea is simply to send them this piece of inspiration because i find nothing more beneficial than sharing inspiration and supporting awesome work like this book.

I want nothing in return – if you guys & girls like it and feel inspired to do something specific based on it and you want to share it on this blog or on yours – great. If you don’t like it – give it to someone else.

The books will be sent to: Benedikt Köhler (@furukama), Daniela Warndorf (@frau_elise), Falko Zurell (@maxheadroom), Kathrin Krause (http://kathrinkrause.de), Marcus S. @chaosblog, Sibylle R. (http://sibylleblogt.wordpress.com), @professorbunsen and Jörn Alraun & Franka Futterlieb from urbn interaction (http://urbn.de).

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5 Responses to A conductive book challenge

  1. Max Headroom says:

    #iLike … und zwar very much 🙂

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  2. Stefan Graunke says:



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