Crappy Arduino M0+ Pro

Recently Arduino launched a new ARM-based Board, the M0+ Pro. Well, actually it’s, who launched the guy, not the well known team around…

Until know i only read about this weird fight between the Arduino Founders around Massimo Banzi and the producers of the boards – but today it hit me right in the face.

As we are currently investigating the ARM-Platform i was at first deligthed to see an Arduino Board with the ARM Cortex M0+ as a processor instead of the well known 8-bit ATMEL guy. Ordered it at my distributor and it arrived this morning.

The experience with this board is really a mess. Tried to install support via the board-manager on my 1.6 IDE – and got the support, but it didn’t work (couldn’t find any board while flashing). Upgraded to the new Version 7, which in fact is a fork that only comes with support for the new Board but nothing else (in fact the new invented board-manager from Version 1.6 is missing again…). Now i had three ways to program the Board, “Arduino M0 Pro (Programming Port”, “Arduino M0 Pro (Native Port)” and finally “Arduino M0”. Awesome. Indeed the board comes with two Micro-USB connectors as well – one named “Programming”, the other “Native USB”. Once cable gets plugged into one of them also the Serial-Port changes, so be aware to change that as well (does not work automatically). It turned out the only the Option “Arduino M0” combined with the native Port worked and i could finally upload a Blink-Sketch to the board.

But the weirdness did not stop. Our code uses Hardware-Serial and for some reasons the M0+ Pro has only Support for SerialUSB and Serial5. But even as we changed the code accordingly we got compiling errors all over the place.

Guys, please settle this fight as soon as possible. At this level of quality and user experience i see the whole Arduino project at risk in the near future.

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  1. “Until know” Until now .. sorry for nitpicking 🙂


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