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Calliope mini as a maker tool

I am glad to be part of the wonderful team around Calliope mini, the german educational tinkering board that was released in a first version last autumn and will be distributed to first grade school kids soon. Calliope mini is … Continue reading

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3D Modeling for 3D Printing

Today i did my first model with OpenScad. It follows a completely different approach than most other 3D modeling enginges – instead of creating objects with the mouse and and a tools palette like it’s done in Sketchup or Blender, … Continue reading

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Powering Arduino from a Capacitor

Sometimes batteries suck. They are expensive, can be dangerous and tricky to handle. And it takes often too long, to load them again. Think of an experimental board with an Atmel 328 microprocessor (the one that powers Arduino UNO) that … Continue reading

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Crappy Arduino M0+ Pro

Recently Arduino launched a new ARM-based Board, the M0+ Pro. Well, actually it’s, who launched the guy, not the well known team around… Until know i only read about this weird fight between the Arduino Founders around Massimo … Continue reading

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How to flash an Arduino over the Air with Bluetooth

As mentioned in the previous article i wanted to figure out how to connect the Arduino over Bluetooth to my Mac, including flashing the device. I managed to get the serial console over the air with the HM-13 module as … Continue reading

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There shall be sensors, Mysensors…

One of the coolest projects i stumpled upon recently is the mysensors project by Henrik Ekblad and his team. The aim of the project is to offer a framework for a network of sensors and actuators in an environment like … Continue reading

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How to fire an IFTT Event with a custom http request

Recently the guys from IFTT integrated a new way to trigger events – now you can call the platform with so called “Maker Events”, which are basically customizable http/api requests. Find more details here: The request looks like this:[your key] … Continue reading

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