Today is the last day for transmediale submissions. The call for entries asked for contributions about “Capture All“. Here is my submission: Opacity.


Opacity is a beauty desk that comes with a few nice features. After the IR-Sensor recognized you it will take a photo. All further improvements will be recorded and sent to the server – via numerous sensors the hairbrush can track movements through a built in gyroscope and an accelerometer (well, it even has a barometer that can measure altitude). If you open the beauty-box a light sensor get’s notice and sends further data to the desk. With every single data-point a random pixel of the picture get’s exchanged by random color and your image is getting noisy, covered with a beautiful layer of data.


example1 example2 example3 example4 example5 example6 example7




































The application works by connecting three Raspberry-Computers over Wifi. The one attached to the hair-brush is connected to a GY-80 sensor-board and sends any status-change to the central-server which is mounted at the rear-side of the mirror and feeds the display. The box also contains a Raspberry that comes with a light-sensor. Once the box is opened it sends data and the more light it sees the more pixels will be exchanged.









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1 Response to Opacity

  1. professorbunsen says:

    here’s an idea for an improvement:
    if you could manage to compute and replace the exact postion of an pixel (instead of changing a random pixel) you could replace it with the pixel from the background at that exact postion (where the brush is).
    The effect would be: You coud brush yourself away by making yourself disappear in the mirror. whereever the brush moves, the image would be erased. or the other way around – getting part of the picture in the mirror by brushing yourself into the mirror.


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