This is why i love the Internet so much…

One of the reasons for this blog is that i wanted to share my learnings with the world, because i learned so much by shared stuff of others, it’s just amazing. Yesterday i asked a really tricky question on the electronics forum of stackexchange – only a few hours later i received the perfect answer, exactly what i was looking for. In a nice and readable form. This is not just awesome for practical reasons – because it let’s me find solutions so much quicker, cheaper…

I also like it, because i like the attitude behind it, it’s a friendly, warm and open habit to answer questions for free and invest time to make the answer even good, provide code-examples and help if further problems occur. I mean, these people could get money for this, they could decide to hide information and rather invest their time into their own stuff. But they are not doing it. And it’s clearly something that is not just happening in the Internet by accident – if you read the history of the Net and the World-Wide-Web specifically you will see that it was intended that way from the very beginning. And yes, i know that this also started to become a kind of reputation-currency, because developers are being hired based on their Karma-Status on Stackexchange (i did hire that way by myself). A currency based on friendliness and helpful behavior (+competence of course) – still great.

But of course this is always at stake – many of the recent developments do not carry this beautiful idea in their DNA or even try to drive it further. Sometimes you can get the feeling that it is rather a behavior from the past when Usegroups and Forums were reasons to “get online”. I would hope to see more of this beauteousness in future Internet applications, platforms and companies. And perhaps it could also help improving our society beyond the digital borders, make us more open, friendly and supportive if a refugee is in front of our house or the question is at stake, whether we invest in a society, that takes care for the needs of others instead of optimizing wealth of a few. Sorry, am just overwhelmed and dreaming a bit.

— Update —-

Of course i had to give it a try as i came home – here is my first touchdown with a 555

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3 Responses to This is why i love the Internet so much…

  1. Falko says:

    I recently read an article from Scott Hanselmann which might explain this behaviour. Smart people know the number of keystrokes in their life is limited. So instead of giving an answer to a single person, they rather use their keystrokes to produce something that lasts – a public answer, a public blog post or wiki entry etc.

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  2. holadiho says:

    And btw – this kindness and sharing by default is also a habit that seems to be distributed unequally across Germany, my home-country. People from the eastern parts (former GDR) are much more used to this and treat it as a standard than the guys and girls from the western parts (where i grew up as well). Just a feeling. But if true it creates an interesting link…


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